Monday, May 10, 2010

Dispensation of Energy from AA (Archangel) Jophiel and Beings of Light

So yes Dear Ones,

Today's message is going to be a bit different from the ones that we have delivered before. We have told Chernise that today's message is simply going to contain a lot of energy that is going to be able to assist you. This message is going to be less cerebral-based and more heart-based, which is the direction that things are moving on earth anyway. You may have heard that changes are going to soon occur on earth but the only thing you need to know now is that there will be much more love and light in the new world or rather the new way that earth will be.

There is a great need for people to have their energy raised so this email is going to contain a lot of light that you may or may not feel but it will be of great benefit. You can do as Chernise does before she chooses to receive any energy from our level, you can call on the Archangel of protection, which is Michael, and state or decree that you will only receive the absolute highest energy from the absolute highest beings of light and that under no circumstances will you accept anything different. That is something to do in general, but now with this email it is going to be a good idea.

What we are endeavouring to do is open you up so that you will be able to receive more of the subtle energies that beings of light are sending in to assist Earth at this time. So this email will help you be a little more receptive to them as well as aware of them when you begin to see and experience the wonderful changes they have brought about. Which will, in turn, create more for you.

So that is all that we are going to be writing today because, like we said, today's message is more one of energy than instruction, as such.

We love you greatly.

AA Jophiel and the PC. We will speak to you again soon

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