Friday, May 7, 2010

Trust and Freedom

Yes Dear Ones,

So today's message isn't going to be a very long one but it is very important. This one is about trust.

Many times in life you desire to do something but you don't trust yourself or you don't trust the universe or God or someone else who is involved and that keeps you in place. You might feel that you'd rather do something yourself or not do something at all if you aren't able to trust the person or thing in question. This is very important because as the developing gods that you are, you need to be very fluid in life. You will need to move forward because that is where the growth is. That is where the learning and the joy are. But especially, that is where freedom is. What you will want to do is make a decision about your life: you will need to decide whether the unverse is a trusting place or weather it is your adversary. Einstein said that this is the most important decision you can make in life and in fact it is quite true. If you have any problems with trusting, again you can use the afirmation, "I listen, I trust, I take divinely guided action."

This affirmation is a wonderful threefold process because first, this helps you to train your brain to be willing to trust. The thing that you are currently doubting isn't a truth - it isn't even a reality at this point. It simply exists as a possiblity in your mind that hasn't been experienced yet or is rather a projection from your past onto the future.

The second thing that it carries within it is light. When you say that you will trust and take DIVINELY GUIDED ACTION, that divine guidance will always be clear and of the light. You will see something many times or you will hear something many times or it will land in your lap or you will keep running into it, but the message will be delivered to you. When you follow this guidance you are trusting the universe to bring you only what is best and highest for you and this is a wonderful thing. When you do this, you don't have to trust so much in other people because you know that your trust in the universe ensures that whatever comes your way will be for your highest good. This will free you up and in turn you will find that you can trust everyone and everything around you because you know the universe brought them to you.

And of course, finally the thing that we have alluded too: freedom. This is such a wonderful thing. If you can't trust things or people, you can't breathe, you can't move forward and you feel locked in place. That is very different from the feeling of striding confidently across a room or your life knowing that all things that happen, whatever they may be, are always in your best interest and that you are safe.

So again, we would recommend you say this beautiful affirmation whenever you can to allow yourself a freer experience of your world.

We love you greatly and will speak to you again very soon.

Love all of us,

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