Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Energy Dispensation #2 from AA Jophiel - Blue

Ok so yes Dear Ones,

Today is another dispensation of energy that will help you move forward on your spiritual paths and help you be more trusting of them. What it will primarily do for you is make it easier for you to recieve the light that we send down to you on regular intervals as well as its benefits. Today's energy is of the color blue so if you feel or see this color when you read this email this is the reason why.

Ok so that is it for today Dear ones. Today is just to send you energy and we will do this a few more times before we continue chanelling our messages through Chernise that have more guidance, so to speak.

We love you dearly and will speak to you again soon.

Love AA Jophiel and the PC

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dispensation of Energy from AA (Archangel) Jophiel and Beings of Light

So yes Dear Ones,

Today's message is going to be a bit different from the ones that we have delivered before. We have told Chernise that today's message is simply going to contain a lot of energy that is going to be able to assist you. This message is going to be less cerebral-based and more heart-based, which is the direction that things are moving on earth anyway. You may have heard that changes are going to soon occur on earth but the only thing you need to know now is that there will be much more love and light in the new world or rather the new way that earth will be.

There is a great need for people to have their energy raised so this email is going to contain a lot of light that you may or may not feel but it will be of great benefit. You can do as Chernise does before she chooses to receive any energy from our level, you can call on the Archangel of protection, which is Michael, and state or decree that you will only receive the absolute highest energy from the absolute highest beings of light and that under no circumstances will you accept anything different. That is something to do in general, but now with this email it is going to be a good idea.

What we are endeavouring to do is open you up so that you will be able to receive more of the subtle energies that beings of light are sending in to assist Earth at this time. So this email will help you be a little more receptive to them as well as aware of them when you begin to see and experience the wonderful changes they have brought about. Which will, in turn, create more for you.

So that is all that we are going to be writing today because, like we said, today's message is more one of energy than instruction, as such.

We love you greatly.

AA Jophiel and the PC. We will speak to you again soon

Friday, May 7, 2010

Trust and Freedom

Yes Dear Ones,

So today's message isn't going to be a very long one but it is very important. This one is about trust.

Many times in life you desire to do something but you don't trust yourself or you don't trust the universe or God or someone else who is involved and that keeps you in place. You might feel that you'd rather do something yourself or not do something at all if you aren't able to trust the person or thing in question. This is very important because as the developing gods that you are, you need to be very fluid in life. You will need to move forward because that is where the growth is. That is where the learning and the joy are. But especially, that is where freedom is. What you will want to do is make a decision about your life: you will need to decide whether the unverse is a trusting place or weather it is your adversary. Einstein said that this is the most important decision you can make in life and in fact it is quite true. If you have any problems with trusting, again you can use the afirmation, "I listen, I trust, I take divinely guided action."

This affirmation is a wonderful threefold process because first, this helps you to train your brain to be willing to trust. The thing that you are currently doubting isn't a truth - it isn't even a reality at this point. It simply exists as a possiblity in your mind that hasn't been experienced yet or is rather a projection from your past onto the future.

The second thing that it carries within it is light. When you say that you will trust and take DIVINELY GUIDED ACTION, that divine guidance will always be clear and of the light. You will see something many times or you will hear something many times or it will land in your lap or you will keep running into it, but the message will be delivered to you. When you follow this guidance you are trusting the universe to bring you only what is best and highest for you and this is a wonderful thing. When you do this, you don't have to trust so much in other people because you know that your trust in the universe ensures that whatever comes your way will be for your highest good. This will free you up and in turn you will find that you can trust everyone and everything around you because you know the universe brought them to you.

And of course, finally the thing that we have alluded too: freedom. This is such a wonderful thing. If you can't trust things or people, you can't breathe, you can't move forward and you feel locked in place. That is very different from the feeling of striding confidently across a room or your life knowing that all things that happen, whatever they may be, are always in your best interest and that you are safe.

So again, we would recommend you say this beautiful affirmation whenever you can to allow yourself a freer experience of your world.

We love you greatly and will speak to you again very soon.

Love all of us,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Friends and letting go

Ok Dear Ones,

Today we are going to talk about something a bit different than before. We are going to talk about friends and why sometimes it is best for them to no longer be a part of your life. You will find that on your spiritual journey it is all about raising your energy and having yourself in surroundings that are best for you or rather that support your choice to stay on this path and continue forward. That is why we ware going to talk about friends.

Basically, something you should know by now, is that everything and everyone is energy. So that is something to be concerned about when you have your day to day frequentings with other people. Your friends are generally people who you have energy invested in and while we don't always recommend that, if you are selective about your friends, it is ok to some extent. There are two main reasons why it is important to have friends of a higher energy and why sometimes friends might leave or need to be released from your life.

The first one is the agreements and contracts that you have made with certain entities or friends that you have had in previous lives. There are sometimes groups of beings that like to learn together and play different roles in each others's existance on Earth so they can have certain learnings and sometimes those people end up being in the same family or friends and sometimes they end up being people who irk you. People can have agreements with you to come into your life for a short or a long period of time. There can also be people you feel very connected with that may abruptly leave your life and leave you feeling sad. When in fact, the truth is that they did what they agreed they would do - they came here to teach you a certain lesson and then they moved on. Since that can be the case, it is best to first look at the situation as a gift rather than focus on the negative thing (in this situation, it would be the sadness that they are no longer in your life). Of course, a bit of sadness is normal but you don't want this to be excessive because then, because of the law of attraction, you would attract more people that come into your life and leave when this may or may not have been their purpose for being in your life.

The second thing is that sometimes you may need to let go of people. Again they may be friends that were contracted to help you learn a certain lesson: to move something in you so that you were to grow. And sometimes that lesson is to honor yourself. Maybe you always felt sad or inferior or angry when you were with them and you realize that it is more important for you to feel good than to be around someone who elicits these emotions. In that case, it is best to focus on the learnings from that situation, thank them energeticaly for being in your life (you can do this in a quick visualization) and say goodbye. You can actually say this or you can just let the relationship fade out.

Either way, it is to your advantage to do this because as you travel along the spiritual path, it will be important for you to have only friends that support you in your journey or at least understand and respect you. You can learn in hindsight, but we would rather you get this sooner than later.

Ok we love you deeply and will speak to you again very soon.

With all of our love,

P.S. You may have noticed that you seem to start with so many friends and then the higher you go, the fewer there are that will be with you. But remember, the quality of those few will warm your heart and will be so worth it. We love you greatly, love AA

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Love thy Neighbor

OK, so today we're going to talk about another thing that is very important and yes, you have gathered correctly - the majority of the things that we talk about we are considering to be immportant or else we wouldn't be sharing them with you!

Well today's topic is one that you are already a bit familar with and that is the subject of loving thy neighbor and what it means exactly. You have all heard it before and you are surely aware of many of the things that it means; like having a type of compassion for others, looking for the good in them whenever you can, but there is a reason that we are doing this. They are really you. Ok, not so much in the sense that they have the same body as you but basically you are putting your perception of your life, what you beleive you deserve, how you believe you should be treated, your beliefs about your worthiness, everything that you think about the way life should be onto the people around you.

You will notice that sometimes when you are in a good mood the people that seem to always be cranky might be a little less so, but basically what is happening is that you have come to a certain place in that moment about how your life is that you experience as "joyful," so the pople around you can only appear that way. And then when you feel down again, the people will appear cranky again. So do you have any idea what the secret might be to having a more harmonious experiences on earth? Yes, you've got it - to be more harmonious with yourself, to be more compassionate with yourself, to be more forgiving of yourself. Truly it is wonderful to want these things for others but as long as you give more imporatnce to everything that is outside of you you will not see any changes. Or rather it will just be like throwing a light layer of dirt qualifyed with whatever energy you'd like to have, over your true feelings about a thing. But you will have to keep shoveling dirt over this thing in order for it to stay as you have desired and that can get tiring (* this is as long as you try to change outer circumstances by giving your attention to them rather than the god within you).

The thing to do truly is to be gentle with yourself. You can look at outside situations and use them as some sort of ruler, you might say, of where your thoughts and beliefs are about the world and yourself and then decide what you'd like for them to be. You can do this by reciting mantras that you make up. If you see that people are angry at you all the time, you might say to yourself, "Hey I must be angry about something in me - I wonder what it is. Well I'm willing to release that anger and instead I will say that I am at peace with myself and my surroundings". That would be a good way to start. You can just look at the situations and say that you'd like the opposite of them which as a god you have the ability to do and of course the more that you recite and create these mantras the more effective they will be.

And also there's this thing that you can do which involves a type of vison board. We don't use that word so much because, in effect, it is a type of limitation and we are endaeavoring to free you from all limitations within the human experience. But you can make a picture of yourself and surround it with things that you'd like in your life: a harmonious family, a job, a nice car, whatever you'd like to have in your world. You can have this as a sort of reminder board that is very image based and that is very good. In essense, that is what a vision board is but you'll udnerstand why later we'd rather you not use such limiting terms.

Basically there is already a mass consiousness associated with what they believe the vision board to be and we want to take you beyond that as much as possible. Well, the name "vision board" is actually limiting because you already have a vision board that you carry with you always - it is your brain, or rather a certain part of your brain that you call the frontal lobe. And it can store all of the images you choose to put in it and also has the power to attract them into your world. A reminder board is in effect, a way to keep you focussed on the things that you'd ike to create in your life. So that is why we prefer to call it that rather than a "vision board." It is very subtle, but when you call that a "vision board," you are taking a bit of power away from your own ability to visualize because instead of a vision board you could just sit down and meditate on what you'd like to have in your life for a bout 15 minutes a day. That would do just as well and we highly reccommed you do that. Also, this can be used for experiences and emotions and spiritual growth that you'd like to achieve - it doesn't just have to be for material goods. So we'd rather call it a reminder board because that's what it is is doing. "Oh yeah, I'd like to focus on this beautuiful dress that I like." Like we said it is very subtle but over time, and with the amount of mass consciousness associated with the term "vision board", it can be and is a much more powerful limitation than originally intended.

Like we said, we want you to be free of all of the limitations that you have acquired while you've been here on earth. That is not to say that you've had experiences that weren't worth having, because your soul needed to experience much of what you did in this lifetime for it's growth. But for the most part, it is time to let the limitations go. You have learned what you needed to learn from these experiences and it is time for you to be free.

Ok Dear Ones, so that is the lesson for today and we will be back again tomorrow with even more information.

We love you greatly and are always here for you.


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The value of "Love and Light"

So yes,

Today we are going to speak about something a bit like yesterday in the realm of light but it is the idea of love and light together. There are many times that people send emails or letters or say "Love and light to you" but what does it really mean? It must mean something - if only for the simple fact that so many people feel compelled to say it. Since we are all gods and we are all connected, there must be something to that. In fact there is something to that. When you send love and light to someone that is very powerful, indeed. Yesterday we talked about the power of light and how practical it is as a sort of carrier for many things. Well love is amazingly powerful so when you have the two together there is no end, literally, to the greatness you can do or what you can accomplish.

Basically love acts as a sort of mirror to show you where you are. There is the love we know of that feels wonderful as well, which is in fact an aspect of this but we are speaking more of the love that will help you to realize that you are a god or rather the areas of limitation that need to be released so that you can experience the god that you all are. This is of course what we want for you more than anything else.

We want you to live your life and know that you were created in God's image. And that doesn't meant that you look like him physically or something like that. You are endowed with his skills. The point of your existence, besides joy and besides God knowing Himself through you, is for you to know yourself through you. It is all about that, Dear Ones. We are here to help you know who you are and to help you experience that on a moment to moment and a day to day basis. And yes it is possible. The reason that you are looking at this blog at all is that on some level you know that you are teachers. You know that there is somehting within you that feels greater, that there must be more to what you are living now even if you are already on the spiriatual path. And let us say with utmost truth and clarity: there is. There is so much more to existance, so many more wonders. And at the base of it all is knowing yourself and allowing yourself to be who you are and knowing that that is enough.

We can't stress that enough. It is important for you to know that what you have experienced in this lifetime has given you many experiences from which you gained knowledge and you are enough. What you have experienced in this lifetime is enough for you to be well on your path to mastery. Even if you don't believe it to be so, it is the truth. It is what we want for you because when you are masters that is when the fun starts. That is when all of the things that you have heard about or read about or things that are seeming miracles begin to be possible for you.

Don't worry, there are all types of baby steps you can take and will have to take before you get there. And of course you need not be concerned with that thing called time. Time is of course variable so you don't need to worry about that. Many of you may have noticed that things seem to have sped up in many ways and it is true. Something that may have taken 10 or 5 years before to accomplish may only take months to accomplish now. So Dear Ones, concern yourself not with the amount of time you may be on your path to mastery, just stay on it and follow the guidance that you are given. It will lead you to the next step. A wonderful mantra that Chernise was given by her teacher Annette is, "I listen, I trust, I take divinely guided action" and that is a good thing for you to say, as well. You will be amazed at what that does for you. Also it is good to ask for clarity and for things to be fun and easy. You are a god, you get to decree what you want in your life so you can decree and ask for that to be so.

Ok Dear Ones, that is what we have for you today. Of course we will be back again very soon and we love you greatly.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The wonders of light and Lightworkers

So yes, today we're going to talk about something that is very important to all of us - light. Light is so important because it can carry so much information and it is very powerful in what it can do for you. It can accelerate growth in your life, it can make it easier for you to process experiences, it can make it easy for you to communicate with people, it keeps you warm, etc. It can do so many things that we think it is a bit underestimated or rather misunderstood or rather that even it is a bit undervalued because of all the things that it can do for you. Today we want to talk about how it can accelerate your growth as a lightworker. So first we're going to talk about what it means to be a lightworker.

A lightworker is someone a bit like a gardener in that he understands the value of light and the potential or rather the goodness within. He is endeavouring to increase the light in his own being to then increase that light in others in the world. And usually the lightworker wants to do this on a massive scale because, in truth, we are all connected. We are all one and there is an amazing amount of love for each other even if at times we don't appear to see it or feel it but it is there. And in fact, it is increasing becsause of the light that We the archangels and other beings of light are sending down to the earth and to other planets at this time. So in fact it is a very good thing to have the desire to focus on light and to increase it in your world.

Ok, so how do we do this?
Ok so one of the things that Chernise learned about long ago is the addition of a few drops of lemon to water. Lemon is the fruit that holds the most light because of the color of its skin so when you add just a few drops (only three or four) that will begin to add light into your body harmoniously.

Of course there's the old standby - you can just ask your God to deliver the light to you in the most harmonious way, for the highest good of all concerned. And that works wonderfuly.

But you can also think about light. And when we say that, we mean focus on light. Give your attention to it in such a way that you are allowing it to enter your mind and you are attemtping to hamronize with it. You can do this by imagining yourself sitting under a spotlight of light. And you can even play with the different colors of light for different things, but the most important thing, of course, is that you do this. Golden light is for healing as is green. Blue is for clarity and integration of learnings. You can use a pink light for divine love. You can use a violet light to consume misqualified energy or rather thoughts that you feel are not desireable for you. And those are the colors that are used most frequently. You can also use white light if you are not sure which one you might need because it contains all of these lights and is wonderfully healing and enlightening of it's own accord.

This is always a wonderful thing to do because as the saying goes, "All roads lead to Rome." Once you start this you will have begun to set foot on your spiritual path and it is only leading in one direction (mastery). You might take a more scenic route, a longer route, a more steep route, a more fun route, but once you are on it -there is joy and light and growth ahead. As well as wonders that you have not yet thought of in this lifetime.

So that is what we wanted to speak of today. Endeavour as much as possible to increase the amount of light in your world and you will receive so many benefits for yourself and those around you.

We love you greatly and will speak to you very soon.


Monday, April 5, 2010

Love as the glue of the Universe

So yes. Here We are and We have many things to talk about this evening. First is the topic of love as you know it, which is a warm feeling that is generally devoted to things you like, people you care for, babies, animals and such etc. Well, the thing about this that is so important is that it is truly and quite literally the glue that holds the unverse together - it holds your world together and the things of your world together. You think that "love makes the world go round" is referring to the type of love between someone you might have a romantic relationship with that might eventually have a seeming end so you think that the phrase "love makes the world go round" is not true at all. But there is another type of love -the kind that we are going to talk about today- that is so powerful and so wonderful. And yes, it can definitely feel like the first type of love that we mentioned but it is also the love that God has for you in giving you a brain and a body that is so perfectly functioning and such a wonderful and well made machine that it keeps your heart beating and eyes blinking and all sorts of things that you don't think about when you are doing your day to day duties.

Well it is the same outside of you as it is inside. Things are the same in the macro- and the micro- cosm, as it were. You've probably heard that saying before. All that it means is that things are handled, so to speak. If treated well and left to their own devices things will run wonderfully but there happens to be an energy associated with the current mass consiousness that sort of pulls you into it if you are not aware of your own energy. And that can bring your energy level down and it will cause things in your world to not function as well either. So in that sense, it is very important to keep track of your energy to see if you feel well, to see if you feel better than well, to see if you feel happy and such. That is why it is good to do things that make you happy because when you do things that bring you joy or make you happy your energy will naturally rise. You will not only be doing good for you, you will be doing good for those around you that are maybe feeling like their energy is low but who are open to having their energy raised, so to speak. They are aware that they are not where they want to be and so your energy will not only help you, but it will help them. This also helps you because when you desire something for another person, the energy of that thing comes through you and you receive the benefit of it as well.

So in fact, love is this very wonderful thing that does many things. It is in fact love that holds these certain laws together that are in charge of all the things that I just spoke of. All of these things have been ordained and organized by the One We speak of and that you call God and there is so much more to all of this. There are so many wonderful things that He has prepared for you and all you have to do is show consistantly that you are open to this and of course be thankful for this and be willing to add your own power to that of God's. And yes it is possible to do that. The nature of existance is such that expansion is the natural state so you can add your power to existing power to make it greater. Of course your power is somewhat diminished compared to that of God's as you know it at this time but you have the potential for much more.

When We say "you can add your power to God's power" We are referring to the power of creation and the way He creates or the way that creating exists on this plane. Thoughts are energy and energy is what forms matter so in essense, energy or thoughts can and do become matter which forms your world. This is law. Then there is God who desires only the best and most wonderful experiences for you. You can add to his desire for you by focussing on things that make you happy. Whether it is something specific or just being in a general grateful and happy mode as frequently as possible. This is what we mean by God's power. He is the creator. We are made in His image. We are also creators.

Ok, well this is what we will give you for now. The one through which We are typing is taking something that she has called "God School" and We feel that is good for all of you as well. Ok, well We love you greatly and We will speak to you again very soon.

With the deepest grattitude,

Sunday, March 14, 2010

More love for the Self

So yes Dear Ones, today's message is also on the topic of love. That will be the theme for a while so it will be good to get used to it!

Today We are going to talk about love for the self but in a different way than the way we mentioned yesterday. It is very good but there is also a more direct way to do this. One of the things that is very good is what you've already heard: looking into the mirror and telling yourself that you love yourself, which is in fact very important. Another way is by being good to yourself. Sometimes, regardless of what others think of a situation, you must make your own rules and your own decisions about how you feel. You get to say yes or no depending on whether the situation will work for you or not. Basically, what We are saying is that at some point you have to trust yourself to be your own authority because the only one living your life is you. We are always with you but we cannot live your lives for you.

So the main point of what We are saying is that at some point, you have to decide to do things your own way, regarless of the economy, regardless of what others think, regardless of what your critical self tells you. Also, you must be prepared when you choose to do that because when you take such a powerful step, there will be a period of adjustment. There will be a time when your own energy has to catch up because what you have done is basically veered off of the safe path that you were firmly on and then caused a type of energy "wreck" or "crash" as you jumped onto your own path so quickly. It is more like an abrupt shift in gears but there is nothing to fear for it is all happening for your highest good. When you take such a powerful step to trust yourself or your God or whatever/whoever inspired you to take action, it will always turn out good in the end and there will always be glimmers of light in the situation even if you feel like there is not light for a while. It will always work out for you and that will propel you much faster to your next step than if you took an alternate route or a safer route, so to speak.

So it is always good to trust yourself. You know much more than you think you know and you have had far more experiences than you can consciously remember. At whatever time you decide to start really trusting yourself is when you will really begin to see things take off. There will never be anything you can lose of value when you take such a step. There will be more love on your path because basically you have said to the Universe, "What is important to me is what is inside of me. What is important is how I feel and the things that I have decided to make important. More so than any other thing on the outside of me." And Dear Ones, this is very powerful indeed. You may reel a bit from the aftershock but things settle eventually. And when they do you will find yourself in a bed of roses.

We love you greatly,
Love Rose and the PC

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Channelled Messages of Love from Rose

Hi Guys,

A lot has been happening lately but I'm back! And from now on, the messages I post will be from a lovely Being of Light that I channel called Rose. I have a feeling that I'll be posting quite reguarly and that this is just the beginning.

Also, I'd like to say that with the exception of adding punctuation, correcting spelling and changing a few sentences so the flow is a bit smoother, I'm not editing this material at all. I figure it's best for all if I let the messages come through as they are chanelled with the least bit of interference possible.

So with no further adieu...


So for the blog this is what We want you to tell people: that We love them and that they are very loved and that there is nothing they can do that will change that. It is very important for people to get how much they are loved. No matter what you have done or are doing, no matter what you are thinking about, We love you regardless. It is not possible for you to do anything that would prevent Us from loving you and the same should be true for how you feel about yourselves as well.

A good thing for you to do is see yourselves, in your minds, as something that is easy for you to love and to use that in a visualization for loving yourselves. It will be so much easier to get the process going because, you see, at the beginning of everything is loving the Self. So it will be good for you to take your favorite dog or pet or car or anything you like and let yourself know that this represents you and to give it love whenever you think about it. You will find that you will be able to love yourself more, that you will be able to forgive yourself easier and that opens the door for so many good things to come your way. You will be amazed at how effective it is. Especially if you do this every day for just a few minutes in the morning and before you go to bed.

You must clearly ask the Universe as well as declare to the Universe that you have chosen this thing to represent yourself because sometimes you are unable to love yourself as easily but you are willing to love yourself. This is very important because being willing to do something shows that you have the desire even if you don't have the way. And Dear Ones, of course the Universe is the way - the Universe is the how. Your duty is just to decide what it is that you want and We will find a myriad of ways to bring it to you in ways that are fun, joyous, loving, exciting, varied because We love varying things and giving you more than you ask for.

So you can decide to do that about many things: you can do it for jobs, you can do it about ex-lovers, you can do it about family members. Because sometimes it is a little difficult to love things as they appear but if you decide to have something else represent them, it makes it much easier. And of course, Dear Ones, appearances are illusions anyway. So it is just a matter of being willing to love and so many things will open up for you. This is the message for today and We will be back soon with more.

We love you greatly,

Love Rose and the PC.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Intuitive Life Coaching

Hi All,
It's been a while since I've posted because there have been (and are still) many things changing in my life but I plan to begin again soon
Also, I'd like you to know that I'm finally delving into something that feels very right given my desire to inspire and grow. I've begun to offer Intuitive Life Coaching sessions and my rate is $75 an hour. If you know someone or are someone who this type of coaching resonates with, please email me at chernisespruell@gmail.com or call me at 917.721.5788. I'll have more details for you in a week or so.
Love and Light to all!