Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Friends and letting go

Ok Dear Ones,

Today we are going to talk about something a bit different than before. We are going to talk about friends and why sometimes it is best for them to no longer be a part of your life. You will find that on your spiritual journey it is all about raising your energy and having yourself in surroundings that are best for you or rather that support your choice to stay on this path and continue forward. That is why we ware going to talk about friends.

Basically, something you should know by now, is that everything and everyone is energy. So that is something to be concerned about when you have your day to day frequentings with other people. Your friends are generally people who you have energy invested in and while we don't always recommend that, if you are selective about your friends, it is ok to some extent. There are two main reasons why it is important to have friends of a higher energy and why sometimes friends might leave or need to be released from your life.

The first one is the agreements and contracts that you have made with certain entities or friends that you have had in previous lives. There are sometimes groups of beings that like to learn together and play different roles in each others's existance on Earth so they can have certain learnings and sometimes those people end up being in the same family or friends and sometimes they end up being people who irk you. People can have agreements with you to come into your life for a short or a long period of time. There can also be people you feel very connected with that may abruptly leave your life and leave you feeling sad. When in fact, the truth is that they did what they agreed they would do - they came here to teach you a certain lesson and then they moved on. Since that can be the case, it is best to first look at the situation as a gift rather than focus on the negative thing (in this situation, it would be the sadness that they are no longer in your life). Of course, a bit of sadness is normal but you don't want this to be excessive because then, because of the law of attraction, you would attract more people that come into your life and leave when this may or may not have been their purpose for being in your life.

The second thing is that sometimes you may need to let go of people. Again they may be friends that were contracted to help you learn a certain lesson: to move something in you so that you were to grow. And sometimes that lesson is to honor yourself. Maybe you always felt sad or inferior or angry when you were with them and you realize that it is more important for you to feel good than to be around someone who elicits these emotions. In that case, it is best to focus on the learnings from that situation, thank them energeticaly for being in your life (you can do this in a quick visualization) and say goodbye. You can actually say this or you can just let the relationship fade out.

Either way, it is to your advantage to do this because as you travel along the spiritual path, it will be important for you to have only friends that support you in your journey or at least understand and respect you. You can learn in hindsight, but we would rather you get this sooner than later.

Ok we love you deeply and will speak to you again very soon.

With all of our love,

P.S. You may have noticed that you seem to start with so many friends and then the higher you go, the fewer there are that will be with you. But remember, the quality of those few will warm your heart and will be so worth it. We love you greatly, love AA

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