Monday, April 5, 2010

Love as the glue of the Universe

So yes. Here We are and We have many things to talk about this evening. First is the topic of love as you know it, which is a warm feeling that is generally devoted to things you like, people you care for, babies, animals and such etc. Well, the thing about this that is so important is that it is truly and quite literally the glue that holds the unverse together - it holds your world together and the things of your world together. You think that "love makes the world go round" is referring to the type of love between someone you might have a romantic relationship with that might eventually have a seeming end so you think that the phrase "love makes the world go round" is not true at all. But there is another type of love -the kind that we are going to talk about today- that is so powerful and so wonderful. And yes, it can definitely feel like the first type of love that we mentioned but it is also the love that God has for you in giving you a brain and a body that is so perfectly functioning and such a wonderful and well made machine that it keeps your heart beating and eyes blinking and all sorts of things that you don't think about when you are doing your day to day duties.

Well it is the same outside of you as it is inside. Things are the same in the macro- and the micro- cosm, as it were. You've probably heard that saying before. All that it means is that things are handled, so to speak. If treated well and left to their own devices things will run wonderfully but there happens to be an energy associated with the current mass consiousness that sort of pulls you into it if you are not aware of your own energy. And that can bring your energy level down and it will cause things in your world to not function as well either. So in that sense, it is very important to keep track of your energy to see if you feel well, to see if you feel better than well, to see if you feel happy and such. That is why it is good to do things that make you happy because when you do things that bring you joy or make you happy your energy will naturally rise. You will not only be doing good for you, you will be doing good for those around you that are maybe feeling like their energy is low but who are open to having their energy raised, so to speak. They are aware that they are not where they want to be and so your energy will not only help you, but it will help them. This also helps you because when you desire something for another person, the energy of that thing comes through you and you receive the benefit of it as well.

So in fact, love is this very wonderful thing that does many things. It is in fact love that holds these certain laws together that are in charge of all the things that I just spoke of. All of these things have been ordained and organized by the One We speak of and that you call God and there is so much more to all of this. There are so many wonderful things that He has prepared for you and all you have to do is show consistantly that you are open to this and of course be thankful for this and be willing to add your own power to that of God's. And yes it is possible to do that. The nature of existance is such that expansion is the natural state so you can add your power to existing power to make it greater. Of course your power is somewhat diminished compared to that of God's as you know it at this time but you have the potential for much more.

When We say "you can add your power to God's power" We are referring to the power of creation and the way He creates or the way that creating exists on this plane. Thoughts are energy and energy is what forms matter so in essense, energy or thoughts can and do become matter which forms your world. This is law. Then there is God who desires only the best and most wonderful experiences for you. You can add to his desire for you by focussing on things that make you happy. Whether it is something specific or just being in a general grateful and happy mode as frequently as possible. This is what we mean by God's power. He is the creator. We are made in His image. We are also creators.

Ok, well this is what we will give you for now. The one through which We are typing is taking something that she has called "God School" and We feel that is good for all of you as well. Ok, well We love you greatly and We will speak to you again very soon.

With the deepest grattitude,

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