Thursday, April 8, 2010

Love thy Neighbor

OK, so today we're going to talk about another thing that is very important and yes, you have gathered correctly - the majority of the things that we talk about we are considering to be immportant or else we wouldn't be sharing them with you!

Well today's topic is one that you are already a bit familar with and that is the subject of loving thy neighbor and what it means exactly. You have all heard it before and you are surely aware of many of the things that it means; like having a type of compassion for others, looking for the good in them whenever you can, but there is a reason that we are doing this. They are really you. Ok, not so much in the sense that they have the same body as you but basically you are putting your perception of your life, what you beleive you deserve, how you believe you should be treated, your beliefs about your worthiness, everything that you think about the way life should be onto the people around you.

You will notice that sometimes when you are in a good mood the people that seem to always be cranky might be a little less so, but basically what is happening is that you have come to a certain place in that moment about how your life is that you experience as "joyful," so the pople around you can only appear that way. And then when you feel down again, the people will appear cranky again. So do you have any idea what the secret might be to having a more harmonious experiences on earth? Yes, you've got it - to be more harmonious with yourself, to be more compassionate with yourself, to be more forgiving of yourself. Truly it is wonderful to want these things for others but as long as you give more imporatnce to everything that is outside of you you will not see any changes. Or rather it will just be like throwing a light layer of dirt qualifyed with whatever energy you'd like to have, over your true feelings about a thing. But you will have to keep shoveling dirt over this thing in order for it to stay as you have desired and that can get tiring (* this is as long as you try to change outer circumstances by giving your attention to them rather than the god within you).

The thing to do truly is to be gentle with yourself. You can look at outside situations and use them as some sort of ruler, you might say, of where your thoughts and beliefs are about the world and yourself and then decide what you'd like for them to be. You can do this by reciting mantras that you make up. If you see that people are angry at you all the time, you might say to yourself, "Hey I must be angry about something in me - I wonder what it is. Well I'm willing to release that anger and instead I will say that I am at peace with myself and my surroundings". That would be a good way to start. You can just look at the situations and say that you'd like the opposite of them which as a god you have the ability to do and of course the more that you recite and create these mantras the more effective they will be.

And also there's this thing that you can do which involves a type of vison board. We don't use that word so much because, in effect, it is a type of limitation and we are endaeavoring to free you from all limitations within the human experience. But you can make a picture of yourself and surround it with things that you'd like in your life: a harmonious family, a job, a nice car, whatever you'd like to have in your world. You can have this as a sort of reminder board that is very image based and that is very good. In essense, that is what a vision board is but you'll udnerstand why later we'd rather you not use such limiting terms.

Basically there is already a mass consiousness associated with what they believe the vision board to be and we want to take you beyond that as much as possible. Well, the name "vision board" is actually limiting because you already have a vision board that you carry with you always - it is your brain, or rather a certain part of your brain that you call the frontal lobe. And it can store all of the images you choose to put in it and also has the power to attract them into your world. A reminder board is in effect, a way to keep you focussed on the things that you'd ike to create in your life. So that is why we prefer to call it that rather than a "vision board." It is very subtle, but when you call that a "vision board," you are taking a bit of power away from your own ability to visualize because instead of a vision board you could just sit down and meditate on what you'd like to have in your life for a bout 15 minutes a day. That would do just as well and we highly reccommed you do that. Also, this can be used for experiences and emotions and spiritual growth that you'd like to achieve - it doesn't just have to be for material goods. So we'd rather call it a reminder board because that's what it is is doing. "Oh yeah, I'd like to focus on this beautuiful dress that I like." Like we said it is very subtle but over time, and with the amount of mass consciousness associated with the term "vision board", it can be and is a much more powerful limitation than originally intended.

Like we said, we want you to be free of all of the limitations that you have acquired while you've been here on earth. That is not to say that you've had experiences that weren't worth having, because your soul needed to experience much of what you did in this lifetime for it's growth. But for the most part, it is time to let the limitations go. You have learned what you needed to learn from these experiences and it is time for you to be free.

Ok Dear Ones, so that is the lesson for today and we will be back again tomorrow with even more information.

We love you greatly and are always here for you.


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