Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The value of "Love and Light"

So yes,

Today we are going to speak about something a bit like yesterday in the realm of light but it is the idea of love and light together. There are many times that people send emails or letters or say "Love and light to you" but what does it really mean? It must mean something - if only for the simple fact that so many people feel compelled to say it. Since we are all gods and we are all connected, there must be something to that. In fact there is something to that. When you send love and light to someone that is very powerful, indeed. Yesterday we talked about the power of light and how practical it is as a sort of carrier for many things. Well love is amazingly powerful so when you have the two together there is no end, literally, to the greatness you can do or what you can accomplish.

Basically love acts as a sort of mirror to show you where you are. There is the love we know of that feels wonderful as well, which is in fact an aspect of this but we are speaking more of the love that will help you to realize that you are a god or rather the areas of limitation that need to be released so that you can experience the god that you all are. This is of course what we want for you more than anything else.

We want you to live your life and know that you were created in God's image. And that doesn't meant that you look like him physically or something like that. You are endowed with his skills. The point of your existence, besides joy and besides God knowing Himself through you, is for you to know yourself through you. It is all about that, Dear Ones. We are here to help you know who you are and to help you experience that on a moment to moment and a day to day basis. And yes it is possible. The reason that you are looking at this blog at all is that on some level you know that you are teachers. You know that there is somehting within you that feels greater, that there must be more to what you are living now even if you are already on the spiriatual path. And let us say with utmost truth and clarity: there is. There is so much more to existance, so many more wonders. And at the base of it all is knowing yourself and allowing yourself to be who you are and knowing that that is enough.

We can't stress that enough. It is important for you to know that what you have experienced in this lifetime has given you many experiences from which you gained knowledge and you are enough. What you have experienced in this lifetime is enough for you to be well on your path to mastery. Even if you don't believe it to be so, it is the truth. It is what we want for you because when you are masters that is when the fun starts. That is when all of the things that you have heard about or read about or things that are seeming miracles begin to be possible for you.

Don't worry, there are all types of baby steps you can take and will have to take before you get there. And of course you need not be concerned with that thing called time. Time is of course variable so you don't need to worry about that. Many of you may have noticed that things seem to have sped up in many ways and it is true. Something that may have taken 10 or 5 years before to accomplish may only take months to accomplish now. So Dear Ones, concern yourself not with the amount of time you may be on your path to mastery, just stay on it and follow the guidance that you are given. It will lead you to the next step. A wonderful mantra that Chernise was given by her teacher Annette is, "I listen, I trust, I take divinely guided action" and that is a good thing for you to say, as well. You will be amazed at what that does for you. Also it is good to ask for clarity and for things to be fun and easy. You are a god, you get to decree what you want in your life so you can decree and ask for that to be so.

Ok Dear Ones, that is what we have for you today. Of course we will be back again very soon and we love you greatly.


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